For you D.P

You looked at me like your first time, you kissed me as if you had never done before, your lips, warm and fleshy tenderly kissed my cheeks
I closed my eyes and let myself go, my lips met yours again, I lost myself in your kiss.I missed your angelic face, your perfect face, those beautiful blue eyes and that wonderful smile, that girl's face, which made me dream many times and some others cry.
You have told me that you've missed me and that you get tired of waiting for me. Then you locked my mouth with your hands and you didnt let me talk, you said all  is right now because now there are no obstacles, only you and me.
You're giving me your life and I have fear because I do not want to hurt you, you're the most wonderful person in my life, my friend, my companion, my soul, my love.
You said that past mistakes are not going to come back, everything has been forgotten
You withdraw your hand from my mouth carefully, you know me well, you dont want me to worry and re-seal my lips with yours while you put your arms around my neck, you continue with your deep, slow and long kiss canceling all my senses.
I can´t restrain myself any longer, you're here now, your return to be mine, my precious child, my angel, my conscience, my dear and precious girl.
I could die for that smile, I'd give my life for you, you're the first thought in the morning and the last at night. you are my breath and my life. You are everything to me and you know it, you've always known it.
Now you come back to me as a hurricane, dragging me into your arms, I fall surrendered at your feet, nothing is more beautiful on earth than you. Thanks for getting back to me, my sweet love ...


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