"Der Vampir" [The Vampire] (1748) by: Heinrich August Ossenfelder

My dear young maiden clingeth 1 
Unbending, fast and firm 2
To all the long-held teaching 3
Of a mother ever true; 4
As in vampires unmortal 5
Folk on the Theyse's portal 6*
Heyduck-like do believe. 7**
But my Christine thou dost dally, 8
And wilt my loving parry 9
Till I myself avenging 10 
To a vampire's health a-drinking 

Him toast in pale tockay. 12***

And as softly thou art sleeping 13
To thee shall I come creeping 14 
And thy life's blood drain away. 15
And so shalt thou be trembling 16
For thus shall I be kissing 17
And death's threshold thou' it be crossing 18
With fear, in my cold arms. 19
And last shall I thee question 20
Compared to such instruction 21
What are a mother's charms?


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